From the Founder/Creative Director, Elena Schimming:

I have always loved being creative. After more than a decade designing women's clothing and accessories that graced the runways globally, I realized that I wanted to create a jewelry brand that focused on the fashion conscious shoppers I have always identified myself with.  While I value high quality, unique pieces, I firmly believe that unless it's gold, silver, diamonds, or couture, it should be affordable. Each season my goal is to translate the trends into wearable accessories and deliver them at an attainable price point. 

In my opinion, jewelry is the most fun way to follow the trends. It's layerable even in the heat of summer, can be worn in any setting, and doesn't discriminate. Whether your style is contemporary, Bohemian, preppy, chic, trendy or classic, I hope that you find some pieces that speak to you, and that you will choose something from Helene Jewelry to help you elevate your everday style.

 All the best,

signed with love